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How To Setup & Create TradingView Strategy Alerts?

TradingView Strategy Algo Alerts

TradingView can turn anyone - newbie or pro - into a formidable trading Automator! Shake off the shackles of manual execution and enter a world of seamless automation. Forget slogging through data - just create a strategy alert in TradingView, sit back & relax! Then you can savour automation trading success without exerting yourself; after all, once your set criteria are met, it's time to reap the rewards that come with automated signals sent straight from TradingView right into your broker account via the bridge application. So know how to create strategy alerts on TradingView?

Jump in to experience smoother trades than ever before! The revolution starts now: why wait?


  1. Login to TradingView or Signup (Get up to $30 rewards)

  2. Go to "Indicators" & select any public strategy


  1. Start with these prebuilt, backtest & automation-ready strategies

  2. For instance, use SuperTrend (Applies to Cash, Futures & Options (atm/itm/otm))

  3. Scroll below & explore: Overview, Performance Summary, List of Trades & Properties

  4. Scroll below to find "Add to favorite indicators" button

  5. Click & go back to TradingView charts

  6. Click the "Indicators" dropdown

  7. Select the above-added SuperTrend indicator from "Favorites"

  8. Observe SuperTrend plotting automatically on the charts


  1. Hover the mouse onto the Indicator name visible on the chart

  2. Find & click settings (gear) icon

  3. Go to "Inputs" section & adjust the SuperTrend dynamic parameter values

  4. Observe the Long/Short trend formation

  5. Adjust various other parameters (direction/segment/session, etc)

  6. Adjust the timeframe of the chart as per the necessity


  1. Hover the mouse onto the Indicator name visible on the chart

  2. Find & click the "more" (...) option at the end

  3. Select the first option, "Add alert on (indicator name)"

  4. Select appropriate options in the "Alert actions" section

  5. Free TradingView users, select the "Show pop-up" option

  6. Paid TradingView users, select the "Webhook URL" option

  7. Type "{{strategy.order.alert_message}}" in the "Message" section

  8. Click the "Create" button to create an alert

  9. Click the "Alert" icon at the rightmost of your TradingView screen

  10. Notice that the alert created is set to "active" status by default

  11. TradingView alert system automatically creates an alert whenever a new trend forms

  12. Observe the script having Stop & Reverse functionality. Meaning, that for every new direction, the current open position closes & a new position opens simultaneously

  13. Automate these alerts & go live by integrating your favourite broker

  14. For more automation assistance or get a 7-day trial, register here.

NOTE: If any of the settings/parameters is changed after the alert is created, the alert will be triggered using the old settings. So cautiously pause the old alert & create a new strategy alert.

If you still need support on the below requirements/developments, feel free to contact us.

  • Create TradingView strategy alerts on your existing indicators/strategies

  • Create a strategy in TradingView & automate it with any of the 60+ brokers in India

  • Create TradingView strategy automation on your existing indicators

  • Start with our pre-built systems & experience 100% automated trading

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