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TradingView Algo Trading - Unlock New Possibilities

Are you currently, 

Tired of struggling manually execute trades?

Hanging on to low latency execution speed platforms?
Accepting only trade signals from an unsecured 3rd party strategy marketplace?

  • Experience first-hand algo trading using TradingView's wide array of resources

  • Utilize the native Pine Script programming to gain an edge and develop a fully customized algo trading system.

  • You can study & analyse your trading strategies further using backtest & optimisation per your individual needs.

  • Take the hassle out of trading with TradingView’s lightning-fast, 100% automation, and powerful inbuilt tools. 

  • Revolutionize your automation experience for ultimate efficiency, security & robustness now.

  • Get started - it doesn’t get any better than this.

100% Real-Time Automation Using TradingView:

This modern platform empowers you to conquer the market in Algo trading confidently.

  • Use the powerful inbuilt editor for strategy development in the native Pine script language.

  • Back-testing of strategy instantly for insightful performance results

  • Customize dynamic parameter settings of the strategy while back-testing for optimization.

  • Enjoy powerful automation using the webhook feature or algo tool plugins.

  • Add risk/order/time management etc., to reduce risk and avoid making expensive mistakes.

  • Take advantage of pre-built systems compatible across all segments/markets, giving you an edge over other traders.

  • Unlock the tremendous market potential for a consistent winning edge and get our exclusive dedicated support throughout your journey.

Back-test, Automation-ready & Pre-built TradingView Strategies:

TradingView Algo Trading Strategies


The classical technical indicator of all time. SMA calculates the average price data and assigns an equal weighting to all values.


Super-Trend indicator based on Average True Range (ATR) helps in detecting trend & volatility from a single line.


Bollinger Band with 2 standard deviations (positively & negatively) plotted away from a SMA to discover opportunities when a scrip is oversold or overbought.


Moving Average + RSI + Volume indicators together help to analyze trends, filter noise & allow maximum optimization in the setup.

Volume filters avoid sideways entries for any script.


Super-Trend & Pivot Point combination can help in smoothing trend & enhance the overall performance of the SuperTrend.


SuperTrend + Moving Average + RSI + Volume indicators together help to analyze trends, filter out noise & allow for maximum optimization.

Volume filters avoid sideways entries for any script.



EMA gives more weight to current price data making a significant difference in the overall performance & reducing system drawdown.

RSI (Over Bought & OverSold)

The Relative Strength Index (RSI), is a momentum oscillator that measures the speed & change of price movements between zero & 100.

SMA & EMA (2 IN 1)

SMA & EMA (2 in 1) system brings the ease to compare & analyze the system performances in just a click of a button.


Super-Trend & RSI combination can help in filtering noise & enhance the system performance.


Super-Trend & Parabolic SAR (Stop And Reverse) combination can be an exciting technical analysis tool for trend analysis.



With TradingView Algo Trading, you can trade confidently, knowing that your strategies are well backtested & optimized for better performance and reduced risk. 


Take advantage of this new-age modern & easy-to-use platform and dominate the market like never before.


Focus on what matters: Build stable systems, back-test, optimize and execute with lightning speed!

Let us know how do you want to start today?
  1. How to create alerts for any existing strategy? View Steps

  2. Start with pre-built systems & execute alerts live? Get 7-Day Trial

  3. Develop new strategy based on own ideas/logics? Share Requirements

  4. Automate & execute of already developed strategy? Share Details

  • What Is On Offer From ALGOME.IN?
    ALGOME.IN is revolutionizing Algo trading experience to traders in India with our professional expertise on development & support services. We provide the tools and guidance needed to ensure traders can tackle any challenge they encounter while designing, building & optimizing their algorithmic systems - propelling them into a future of Algorithmic trading success! Know more about us.
  • Why Prefer ALGOME Over Others? List A Few Reasons?
    An end-end support service for a novice/advanced algorithmic trader Build a best-in-class, 100% algorithmic trading using advanced technical analysis & charting tools Tool expertise: TradingView, Amibroker, MT4/5, ChartInk, Python, Excel & StockMock Innovative bridging to 60+ brokers using ALGOME Smart Bridge(ASB) Algo order executions at incredible computational & operational speeds, which helps in near real-time execution (~10ms) Experience asynchronous system of execution Advanced automation abilities enable efficient & intelligent management Run systems on windows or mobile environment & secure with enterprise-grade encryption techniques Risk Management: Set up your Maximum Open/Long/Short Positions.Set up your Maximum Orders/Trades per Scrip/Day Time Management: Set up your Start, End & SquareOff time before or any time during the trading hours Money Management: Set up SquareOff or Cancel All positions once Max Profit/Loss conditions are satisfied on the individual/MTM level Options built-in multi-leg strategy modules make life an easy & enjoyable experience Quick trade panel & Advance symbol mapping are the first of their kind in the Indian markets Try & set up a fully automated sample system to experience 100% automation
  • How ALGOME brings best execution speed ever?
    ALGOME offers Asynchronous system Of Execution. Asynchronous is Multi Thread System where multiple orders are fired & executed simultaneously in multiple accounts. Whereas in the synchronous system, orders join a queue, resulting in higher slippages Asynchronous execution plays a key role during multiple order executions, like in the multi-leg options trading strategy executions.
  • Does Automation Help A Trader Make Profits?
    Automation in trading enables trader Design, Build, Analyze, Back-test & Optimize their trading systems using advanced utilities & techniques. With alerts that trigger instant order placement based on pre-defined conditions, traders can efficiently take advantage of market opportunities. However, it's important to remember these tools are not 'get rich quick' schemes - they need competent use and guidance to help make your trading venture profitable!
  • Does ALGOME Assure/Guarantee Profits?
    ALGOME allows traders to build their own trading systems tailored to specific preferences and risk tolerance. With new-age tech, savvy investors can access advanced features such as smart-management controls and multi-broker integration for smooth-running strategies within preferred environments and with the help of specialized analytical tools - all without any promises or guarantees on profitability from ALGOME.IN!
  • What Are The Various Brokers Supported?
    ALGOME supports about 60+ brokers.
  • Can Users Set Up Systems & Operate Completely On Mobile/Tablet Devices?
    Yes. Thanks to the new-age tech. Using VPS, mobile setups are possible & very convenient. Reach us for more assistance.
  • What Level Of Expertise Does The User Require To Integrate Amibroker/Tradingview/Ninjatrader/Excel Etc.?
    Just a click. Yes, go to settings -> select your tool -> click configure. Reach us for more assistance.
  • Is The Risk & Other Managements Possible Through 100% Automation?
    Automation makes life much easier & sage by setting up advanced risk, order, time & other key management options.
  • Does ALGOME Collect Users Trading Credentials?
    Absolutely NO. ALGOME never collects any user's trading account credentials.
  • What Kind Of Support Does ALGOME Provide?
    With ALGOME.IN, you're in good hands! Our dedicated and highly skilled professionals will provide personalized support to ensure your automation journey is successful. Rest assured that you'll always have skilled support when and where you need it most!


Algorithmic trading/investments are subject to market risks. The past performance of any of these sample systems are not necessarily indicative of future performance. ALGOME.IN is not assuring any kind of guarantee or accuracy or reliability of these sample TradingView systems. While all efforts have been taken to make this website as authentic as possible, ALGOME.IN will not be responsible for any loss to any person/entity/user caused by any short-coming, defect or inaccuracy inadvertently or otherwise crept in the ALGOME.IN website. All of these above TradingView-based sample systems or any related information are not meant to be, and do not constitute, financial, investment, trading, or other types of advice or recommendations supplied or endorsed by ALGOME.IN website. All these free systems are provided for educational purposes only. Any user must configure in their own TradingView account & integrate with their registered broker platform for the execution. By using the above sample systems you agree to consult your financial advisor, prior making any trading/investment decision.

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